Fruits'n Goblins

    Sadly, no more available...
  • Release: 2012

Melt Peggle, pinball and pachinko you’ll get Fruits ‘n Goblins: launch your Goblins and make them bounce to catch a lot of fruits!

1… 2… 3… Pull the boxing glove and shoot the Goblins to launch them through 80 crazy levels ! Hit the game machine to lead the Goblin, avoid the dready pike ball, mechanical traps and at least… eat some delicious juicy fruits.

Increase your score using combos and dexterity. Become champion of the world at Fruits ‘n Goblins, compete with best players through 15 leagues.

Welcome in the game center of your dreams and the one of Goblins’ nightmare… And hit carefully the machines of this crazy casino, Shipo is watching you!

  • Easy to play with lot of challenge.
  • 84 levels through 4 parodic machines.
  • Customize your Goblins with 100 funny hats.
  • 20 Challenges.
  • Catch gold coins, bubble potions, one up and hidden bonuses in levels.
  • Scores and online leaderboards.
  • Optimized HD graphics for tablets and other HD devices.
  • Cheat ! It’s ok. But not too much…