Puzzle Forge

Discover the other side of adventure in this match-3 type puzzle game! In a parodic RPG universe, meet humans, orcs or elves heroes and become the most famous blacksmith by crafting and selling them the best weapons of the realm. Try this funny gameplay mixing the best of Triple Town and Puzzle Quest together! Upgrade your forge with the gold earned and compare your score to others with scoreloop (free).

“3.5/5 Puzzle Forge is an excellent long term puzzle game”


Combine elements on your game board to create various weapons and sell them to your customers. Earn money to upgrade your forge or buy what lacks on your board to attract more famous heroes.

  • 10 weapon types and 70 different weapons to craft
  • 10 heroes to unlock
  • Parodic RPG fantasy universe
  • Upgrade your forge with the gold earned by your sales
  • Compare your score to other players with scoreloop online feature (free)
  • 36 challenges for hours of gaming



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